Sunday, October 12, 2008

Need Your Help!

Please post in the comments all the video streaming hosting sites you know. Popular and unpopular. Megavideo was the best.... I need a new hosting site.

Thank you


Anonymous said...,, (wait is that a hosting site?) are just a few. I suggest veoh is the best but make sure you encode the name because they've removed vids before but I bet you can get by by using codes like:

Dragonball Z Uncut 170 = DRGNBZU170
Pokemon Episode 400 = PKM400
Yu-Gi-Oh Episode 35 = YGOE35


Richie H said...

Veoh was the last one ive used which has been popular, ive never struggled to find vids there that are dubbed and its suppose ably not that difficult to upload them and set up play lists sorta like when you have the one piece tv's thing on youtube

Dylan said...

Ummm.. well one is,, is cool(no idea how to work it)... I'll tell you more.

Asad said...

veoh is the best besides megavideo(which sucks now). Theres also myspace vids and gofish but like dylan i ahve no idea how to work it( has something to do with making channels?). and those are the best i can think of

4. Yahoo vids(just wanted to put this one out there though i highly don't suggest this)

Anonymous said...

i agree with everyone else veoh is the best atm but another site to try would be like trilulu i dont remeber tht exact name but thts somewhere close to it

Anonymous said...

i like youtube and but veoh is nice and myspace you should go with that

Anonymous said...

didnt know where to write this, but in dragon ball z episode 202 the sounds is out of sync.

Anonymous said... or is good site to look at

Tibetzz said...
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Tibetzz said...

"didnt know where to write this, but in dragon ball z episode 202 the sounds is out of sync."

there is a report/suggest/request section on the right side of the home page.

directly though, I remember dealing with that episode myself, and the solution I discovered was to skip halfway through the video (past the currently loaded area)and then restarting the video. It will start out unsynced again, but after about a minute or two it will catch up.

if this doesn't work, try it again.

Back on topic, I found a list of sites that host videos. I don't know if it will be useful, but it should give you some places to look.


Anonymous said...


Bestestboybest said...

veoh don't always got da shyt u lookin for...

Bestestboybest said...


Bestestboybest said...

try vodpod it got da shyt u need wit no pop-ups plus as long as u don't go on da megavideo shyt.

Bestestboybest said...


Shaorin said... is another great site to watch anime online